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While we were establishing Dağ Holding, we aimed to be as strong and reliable as a mountain and we targeted the peak with our approach of seeking for better and newer. We take our strength towards this purpose from our steady business life for more than 30 years and our strong foundation.

We are aware of our responsibilities. While meeting the shelter needs of people, we attach great importance and sensitivity to nature and life as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty, and we work to keep the happiness of our employees, suppliers and customers sustainable. As a people-oriented company, adding value to the lives of all our stakeholders and building a strong future together are our primary goals.

We proceed on our way as principled, honest, disciplined, productive, by believing in power of science and innovative structure. We always pursue our goals, we always stand behind our commitments. While we continue to provide value for all our business partners who we come into contact with in line with our goals, we continue to make the most beneficial investments at the right points. In living spaces that built, both during the project stage and after completing the project, we work with uninterrupted service approach to keep the easiness, peaceful life, trust and comfort at maximum level. The happiness we offer to our customers gives us great strength for our future newest projects.

With this strength and with our business model and management with paying attention the values of our stakeholders, respecting the environment and life, supporting personal development of our staff, we aim to present ‘The Best’ and to become ‘The Best’ and ‘The Most Reliable’ in our field.

Mehmet DAĞ
Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı / Chairman of Board

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