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  • Tual Comfort

    A life that will go beyond even your dreams is awaiting you in Tual Comfort which crowns the unique beauties of nature with its modern architecture.

    All your dreams will turn into joy in your new living space, which offers the privileges of comfort in every detail and which carefully designs every detail for your peace of mind, and builds a happy future with your loved ones as of today.

    While time flies in Tual Comfort, your smiles and happy memories will remain.



Küçükçekmece Lake, one of the living resources of the region, is one of the most visited natural areas of Istanbul. The green areas around the lake, where you can spend time with pleasure, offer the beauties of nature to Istanbulites. Küçükçekmece Lake opens the doors of peace in metropolitan life with its location within the city and its surroundings arranged like a nature park.

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Tual affect

on each shades of life

You will connect to all shades of life with Tual effect at the junction point of main roads such as İstanbul Food Wholesellers Center, İstanbul Airport, Channel Istanbul, Northern Marmara Highway, High-Speed Train. While energic melodies of the city coming to your ears on one side, peaceful melodies of nature shall calm your soul on the other side. You could reach to any point of the city as you wish in a short time and enjoy İstanbul.

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